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by its cover!

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Let River Birch Press Empower You To Publish Something Amazing!


Eye-catching design sells your book

Your book deserves a great cover—one that accurately portrays what’s inside and piques reader interest. Your book cover is the “ad” for your book. River Birch Press will make sure your cover makes a great first impression.


A well-edited book is a well-recommended book

River Birch Press provides four levels of editing as needed: proofreading, copy editing, rewriting, and developmental editing. Our editing maintains your style, voice, and message, ensuring your book sounds like you.


A book worth publishing well is worth marketing well

Your message is important to you. We understand that, being authors ourselves. Every author wants to know how to effectively market their book. River Birch Press provides powerful book marketing tools to help you launch your book and achieve your marketing goals.


Don't you think you deserve an advantage?

River Birch Press publishing contracts are written in favor of authors’ interests, such as 100% author royalties, 24/7 access to sales reports, always in print guarantee, and much more.


40,000+ bookstores—millions of potential readers

No distribution stream has a wider reach than River Birch Press. We provide access to Amazon, Books-a-Million, and more than 40,000 online and brick and mortar bookstores.


To help you write better and market more effectively

These are not worn out, cut and paste ideas from the past but fresh strategies from the real world of today’s book publishing.

Can you answer “yes” to any of these questions?

  • Do you have a book idea but don’t know where to begin?

  • Is your manuscript complete but it needs editing?

  • Do you need help turning your cover idea into a professional design?

  • Is your book ready to publish but you need help pulling everything together?

We want to talk to you about your book. We’ll review what you’ve already done and provide expert advice on what we feel needs to happen next. If you request it, we’ll also provide a sample publishing contract and estimated timeline for completion of work. With River Birch Press there’s no pressure, no hype—no kidding!

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