Book Cover Design

With more than 500 published book cover designs under our belts, you could say we’re experts. We’ve honed our design skills helping authors and publishers create beautiful book covers. But at RBP, creativity is only the beginning. You don’t just want an attractive cover, you want an appropriate and effectice cover. That’s where 35+ years of graphic design experience comes in.

Publishing portals such as CreateSpace, BookBaby, Lulu, and others have made it easy to get your book into print. But self-published books are notorious for poor quality. That’s something we want to change. RBP wants to bring excellence to Christian book publishing—from the cover to the editing to the marketing. Bookstores and chain buyers know how to spot a poor quality book from a glance at the cover. If yours isn’t professional quality, they will likely pass.

Some of our authors are also artists. But there’s a difference between being an artist and being a graphic designer. One of the biggest weaknesses of self-designed covers is typography—how the fonts are handled. A professional designer knows fonts and how to creatively put them together for a unique cover design. Let RBP help you publish something amazing!


Why Choose RBP?

  • Our professional editors will edit your back cover copy.
  • If you’re not happy with your design, we’ll do it over.
  • You will own your cover design. There are no release fees.
  • Most cover designs are completed in two to three weeks.

What Publishers Say…

Well, Brian, you’ve done it again. You make it very difficult to choose just one!! Darrell & I love the first 3!!!!!! You do such a great job. I’ve sent the designs to the author to get her input. Well done, sir.