Worldwide Distribution & Market Access

There are three essential steps to book publishing, once the manuscript is completed:

  1. Editing and paginating the text
  2. Designing the cover and preparing files for uploading
  3. Placing the book into a printing and distribution system

River Birch Press, as a full-service publisher, handles all of these publishing activities for you. RBP can also help you with marketing and promoting your book by creating effective marketing materials. (Click the Marketing Resources tab for details.)

The page you are on discusses number 3, the process by which your book is made available to millions of potential readers worldwide. Every publisher utilizes the services of book printers and distributors. RBP has chosen IngramSpark as our printer and distributor for 5 important reasons: 1) IngramSpark has the widest distribution reach of any distributor. They connect with 40,000+ booksellers worldwide, both online and offline. 2) Although their technical requirements are the most demanding, we believe they also provide the highest quality product. 3) IngramSpark allows each author to have access to their sales and royalty data on a 24/7 basis. 4) With IngramSpark housing your book files, your book will never go out of print. 5) You can order small quantities of your book 24/7 through your IngramSpark dashboard at wholesale cost.

If you need 1000 or more copies of your book, River Birch Press can provide them at a significant discount. Shorter runs of 500 or less copies will be printed digitally and longer press runs will be printed on a litho press.

What happens after we upload your book files to IngramSpark? 1) Printed copies and ebook files are made available to booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and thousands of other booksellers. 2) Printed copies are individually manufactured to fill each book order. These freshly printed copies are usually shipped to the bookseller within 24 hours. 3) The bookseller, in turn, ships the books to their customers—your readers!


Why Choose RBP?

  • Missteps in file preparation can mean delays in getting your book out.
  • With longer print runs, mistakes on the front end can be very costly.
  • RBP can advise which publishing process makes the most sense for you.

What Authors Say

Thank you so much Brian—you are my new best friend! …These files worked perfectly! Now to be even more of a bother, what is the chance of getting just the logo without the cover?

Tom Baker, author of ONE DOG'S FAITH