Book Marketing & Platform Building Resources

Almost every Christian author we’ve talked to wants to know how to market their book. They have invested many hours to complete their manuscript but want to know how to get their book into reader’s hands. There are a lot of publishers out there who will publish your book, but very few who will do much to help you market it. Today’s authors are expected to bring a platform to the publishing table. But, what exactly is a platform? To put it simply, your platform is the means by which you connect with your existing and potential readers. Elements can include:

  • YOUR WEBSITE—Your home base. It’s your turf and you control what people will see.
  • YOUR MAILING LIST—Includes existing and interested readers.
  • SPEAKING & WRITING—Probably the best way for an emerging author to gain visibility.
  • YOUR VISIBILITY—How well-known are you? Do you get lots of traffic?
  • SOCIAL NETWORKS—This goes beyond Facebook and includes your affinity groups.
  • YOUR BRAND—What are you known for? What is your specialty?
  • ADVERTISING—Includes paid media buys as well as pay-per-click online campaigns

All but the most visible authors are expected to do the heavy lifting when it comes to marketing. Publishers provide distribution, but distribution isn’t marketing—just a part of it. Even before your book is published you need to think about marketing. Fortunately, RBP can help with many of these marketing and platform building activities. Click the tabs below.


Why Choose RBP?

  • Ask about our “Book Marketing Pyramid.” It’s exclusive to RBP.
  • Ask about “The Four Fs of Platform Building.” You won’t see this anywhere else.
  • Ask about the “Seven Ps of Platform Building.”
  • Ask about “The Ten Pillars of Christian Book Marketing” and “A Stake in the Ground.”
  • Check our blog for proven strategies and tips to market and promote your book.

What Authors Say

The pitch page looks & reads really, really well. Thank you so much; it will greatly aid in getting interviews, I think. I really like the questions you picked, and the bonus question about my blog is golden.

Dave Wernli, author of MIXED EMOTIONS and TRUE SELF