Understanding God and Our Parent/Child Relationship

Does God exist? How do you perceive Him?

“How can we conceive of God, and what is the nature of our relationship with Him? What may we expect of our relationships with God and our fellow believers, and what may they expect of their relationships with us? In Beholding the Invisible, Frank Best skillfully deploys abundant and well-chosen passages of scripture to answer these and other eternal questions and, for good measure, defends the Christian faith against the assaults of atheists and rival religions. Beholding the Invisible is a must-read for Christians who want to draw closer to God and their fellow believers and, along the way, equip themselves with informed responses to those who are critical of our faith.”
—Brett Preston, author of One Taken
“Not wild about books about religion? Prepare to be shocked and delighted. Beholding the Invisible, Embracing the Infinite is required reading for anyone curious about the concepts of faith, eternity and, well, the meaning of life. Frank Best gives you new and intriguing takes on the likes of Bertrand Russell, Sigmund Freud, and Erich Fromm. Does God exist? Is God dead? Will good works get you where you want to go? You may never think about these questions the same way after reading this remarkable and accessible volume.”
—Royal Oakes, co-host of the podcast Too Many Lawyers

ISBN: 978-1956365290 Paperback $15.99  AMAZON
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RELIGION / Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

Frank Best graduated from Yale College and Penn Law School, and attended the Columbia Business School Executive Program. At his retirement he was General Counsel of Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company. He has written numerous legal articles, and is the author of Pennsylvania Insurance Law, published by George T. Bisel Company, and co-author of Life and Health Insurance Law, published by Thomson Reuters. This current work grew out of a personal Bible study project. Feedback is appreciated, at franklinlbestjr@gmail.com.