Shark Attack!

Child of the Wild Coast tracks the life of a South African teen who teeters on the brink of suicide only to be transformed by a violent shark attack. Video of the attack quickly becomes international news fare, astounding the world. Later, buoyed by his soaring faith in God, Shannon paddles to the very side of another thrashing great white to save a young friend. Shannon’s story also features dramatic accounts of six more Wild Coast shark attacks, as told by the victims or those who tried to save them, and reveals the intense risk and unique culture of surfing. Above all, Child of the Wild Coast testifies to the overarching power of vibrant faith.

ISBN: 978-1956365191 Paperback $15.99  AMAZON
ISBN: 978-1956365207 Ebook $9.99  AMAZON

Chuck Allen is a native of Louisville, Kentucky. A graduate of Duke University and the University of Kentucky College of Law, he is a former U.S. Air Force officer and practiced law with Kentucky’s largest firm for 27 years. Chuck is past-president of the 22,000-member Astronomical League, a national scientific society, and founded its National Young Astronomer Award. A prolific public educator, he is a former International Science and Engineering Fair judge and is recognized in Marquis’ Who’s Who in America.


“Without diminishing the traumatic moment of Shannon’s shark attack, Child of the Wild Coast is a refreshing, honest, and contextual look into the origins and development of Shannon’s faith story. It calls to each of us to live out our lives with genuine integrity and in pursuit of our Creator’s purpose.”
—Roy Harley, International Director, Christian Surfers International

“The tale that Chuck weaves around Shannon—the sharks, the history of South Africa, how teen-age boys’ minds work (raised three myself, and he is spot on)—is masterful. I’ve read many manuscripts over the years, and of all of them, your book is the one that truly deserves to be in every library and on the NY Times Best Seller List.”
—Dr. Marie Levine, Executive Director, Shark Research Institute, Princeton, NJ