Timeless Wisdom for Children

Here’s timeless wisdom for children, told in a playful manner, on how to behave in life. It is wisdom that can, and should, even be applied as an adult. It teaches good manners, sharing with others, forgiveness and telling the truth, messages many popular children’s books don’t possess today. Little Boy Full of Love is a great book with positive life lessons for parents to read with their children. It’s a book for any child, offering wisdom they can keep with them for life.

ISBN: 978-1956365634 Paperback $9.99  AMAZON
ISBN: 978-1956365641 Ebook $5.99  APPLE
Juvenile Fiction/Religious/Christian/Values & Virtues

As a father himself, Robert not only was inspired to write a children’s book, but he wrote and dedicated this book to his son. Robert saw that although many of the books his wife and he had received as gifts for their son were cute, they lacked wisdom and life lessons. He decided to offer something to parents that they would not only enjoy reading to their children but also be proud to share with them. He hopes it will become a keepsake for your children and passed down through generations. rob.masucci79@gmail.com.

“This is a wonderfully written book, full of what should be common sense messages. These days it is very difficult to find something with messages that children should learn and instill in themselves. This book does that and it is simple for children to also read on their own. Highly recommended!”  —Andrew J. Chappina

“Such a heartfelt and precious children’s book. A true reflection of the goodness we want to instill in the lives and souls of our children. Hope this author continues to be inspired to write again.”  —Sharon C.