Prepare for your presuppositions about sex to be challenged!

For decades, there has been a gaping hole in Christian sex education. There are hundreds of Christian books on sex and marriage, yet none of them can give guidance in the most controversial areas of sex and sexuality. What started out as a journey to answer a couple of questions early on in his marriage, Corwin Wong discovered a theological framework based upon the four purposes of sex found in the Bible, which can be used as a guide in every other area of sex and sexuality.
When you read this book, you will likely get a lot more than you bargained for. There will be times when you will agree with what it says, and other times when you will be shocked at the implications that PLUM has on the worldview of sex. If you are seeking a deeper understanding of sex, or you are curious about some of the most controversial issues regarding sex and sexuality, PLUM will give you a consistent guide as to what it means to honor God with your body.

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RELIGION / Christian Living / Personal Growth

Corwin Wong has served as a pastor in Brentwood, California, since 2010. He has a passion for expositional preaching, youth ministry, and shepherding the local church. He and his wife, Mandy, have four children and have been married since 2009. Although he is very passionate about the P.L.U.M. ministry, he has a greater calling for the teaching and preaching of God’s Word, the Great Commission, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Email Corwin at

“Wong writes on the topic with openness, wisdom and theological acumen. It is a book that was waiting to be written and one that should be on every pastor’s shelf.” —Dr. John Shouse