Would you like to: Avoid the crushing bondage of college debt? Employ God’s principles to get through college debt-free? Achieve freedom upon graduation to pursue the vision God has placed in your heart?

Debt is not inevitable. There are ways to get through college without borrowing money. There are also good, legitimate ways to get out of debt if the money has already been borrowed, whether or not you completed your desired degree. This book is designed to help future students, current students, graduates, those who didn’t graduate, and the parents and grandparents of all of them to get out of the bondage that comes with borrowing large sums of money to pay for post-secondary schooling.

This book offers hope to those who feel hopeless. Current news is full of the difficulties of those who have taken on too much debt to get through college. You won’t see hope in the newspapers or in the rhetoric of the politicians who try to use the crisis for political gain. There is hope—also answers and solutions if you know where to find them. There are ways to complete college without going into the bondage of student loans, and there are ways out of the post-graduation debt quagmire by applying some basic money principles. Read Say No! to College Debt to see how it is possible to get a college education without debt and how to deal with any debt you may already have.

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Russ Stevens has college degrees in business and years of teaching God’s money-handling principles. He loves to see lives changed through God’s principles. He teaches seminars, does speaking engagements, and leads small groups on this subject. His work history includes being a contemporary gospel musician and jobs in various industry sectors. He now teaches at multiple colleges. Russ and his wife, Kathy, have four children and seven grandchildren. He bicycles, reads, and enjoys time with his family.

“I have personally known Russ Stevens for many years. Our mutual ministry focus has always been the same: to know and love God, to live as a faithful follower of Jesus Christ under the influence of the indwelling Holy Spirit, and to understand what the Bible states regarding stewardship, debt, and all financial matters.

“Debt creates bondage, and that bondage comes in many forms and degrees. Just ask the people who have experienced divorce, broken relationships, and failed businesses. Today, experiencing the crushing pressure and life-changing impact of debt is starting much earlier in age—during college!

“Russ clearly spells out ways to avoid or reduce college debt. This is a must-read for every parent with children headed to college, every high school student considering college, and even students already in college. It is never too late to learn and apply God’s biblical principles, apply wise applications, and experience the freedom of being debt-free.” David Bragonier, Barnabas Financial Ministry

“Most books on funding your education are about obtaining student loans or how to pay them off. Russ’ insightful book is far better—how to get an education without debt! I highly recommend it!”  Chuck Bentley, CEO, Crown Financial Ministries Author, Money Problems, Marriage Solutions

“Students often fail to comprehend the implications of insurmountable debt and the consequences of defaulting on their loans. Dr. Stevens offers practical and biblically sound advice on how to approach the subject of borrowing to attend college. He has developed tools and resources that provide step by step guidance on how to analyze spending and practice wise stewardship. Those who implement his strategy of becoming debt-free and exercise self-discipline in managing their finances will be thanking him for many years.” Dr. John Derry, President Emeritus of Hope International Univ., VP for Academic Affairs of Dallas Christian College

“Dr. Russell Stevens offers a timely and powerful book amid millions of people drowning in financial debt. Financial literacy has many biblical concepts and spiritual principles. Too many people of faith neglect their monetary responsibilities and walk blindly into financial debt. Say No! to College Debt highlights informative ways to obtain an educational degree without venturing into financial disasters. This book should be used by high school counseling offices, college counseling offices, students pursuing a college education, and families navigating the college financial matrix.” Dr. Ken J. Walden, President-Dean, Gammon Theological Seminary

“Here’s practical, street-level advice.” Marvin Olasky, Editor in chief, WORLD

“Russ Stevens has been a voice of encouragement and light to students who are struggling with making good financial decisions. Russ has a heart for helping young adults make good choices that lead to a great, purpose-filled life. This book is helpful in that it moves easily between broad themes and very practical advice and skills to help folks manage both their thinking and their day in and day out financial choices and responsibilities. This book would be a great gift for your kids and grandkids—anyone who needs honest, no nonsense suggestions on how to take care of the resources they possess.” Paul H. Alexander, Ph.D., President, Hope International Univ.

“College decisions continue to grow more difficult as prices have soared, and significant debt has become the norm. Russ Stevens has put together a concise, useful guide for sorting through the inevitable college-related questions. Readers will find helpful advice on everything from deciding whether going to college is the right choice to choosing the best school, and from paying for college without debt to getting out of debt if loans are unavoidable. If you’re considering college for yourself or your children, this book will be a helpful resource.” Mark Biller, Executive Editor, Sound Mind Investing