A Journey of faith and fellowship, love and laughter, healing and hope!

Jacob is a healthy fourteen-year-old from Massachusetts, an athlete who lives and breathes baseball, football, and hockey, when he is stricken by a mysterious illness. What begins as a typical childhood malady swiftly proves to be anything but routine. Jacob’s folks, Keith and Alethea, the busy parents of four other children, find themselves thrust headlong into the trial of their lives. Their entire world is suddenly torn asunder.

Doctors struggle feverishly to solve the mysteries Jacob’s body hurls at them, while Keith and Alethea, shell-shocked by the suddenness of it all, lean on their faith and on the army of supporters who have come to their aid to pray with them, to cry with them and to hope with them.

Take the incredible and heart-wrenching journey with Jacob and his family through the pages of The Gift of Tears. Feel the love and the goodness in the human heart. Ponder the mystery of faith. Join the brotherhood of community and the fellowship of hearts. Experience the embrace of healing. Hold their hands. Love with them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Believe in hope. Believe in healing. Believe in miracles. Believe.

ISBN: 978-1-951561-04-8  Paperback $16.99  AMAZON
RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational

Keith Nano lives in Gardner, Massachusetts, with his wife, Alethea. They have five children: Dominic, Jacob, Nicholas, Isabella, and Samuel, and a beautiful granddaughter, Nora. Keith is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force and he served in Operation Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War. He has served for nearly three decades in the Massachusetts Department of Corrections. When he is not working or writing, there’s a solid chance that he is fishing.