“How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation” Hebrews 2:3.

This “great salvation” includes much more than escape from God’s judgment and condemnation, although that escape is of immeasurable benefit. This great salvation also brings believers into the family of God as His children and provides the capacity through His Holy Spirit to transform believers into godly children.
The Mystery of Godliness addresses the wonder of being created and being saved but its major emphasis is the blessed process of becoming godly. Mysteries beg to be solved and clues are needed to do it. As this mystery of godliness is explored, readers will discover clues about the process by which their mind can be renewed and they can be transformed into the image of Christ.
The path to godliness is both a journey and a destination. For many, achieving godliness seems unattainable, as if it were up to the individual; but Scripture teaches that it is a result of the work of God.
Belief drives practice is a central theme of this book. To achieve the goal of godly practice, a person must believe truth. To know truth, a person must know the Lord Jesus and the Bible. What you believe matters; it impacts what you do and who you are. In the course of reading this book, readers will discover many applications of this principle, which are clues to the mystery of godliness. Believing God’s truth will result in attitudes and behaviors that are godly.
Through these pages, readers will come to marvel at this “so great salvation” and with a thankful heart come to know and love the Lord Jesus more and more.
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Elden Daniel is a professional educator with a BA in Elementary Education, an MA in Mental Health Counseling, and an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership. He has been a classroom teacher and school administrator. He served at Colorado Springs Christian School for twenty-two years and in public education as a classroom teacher and as an administrator for fifteen years. He has taught as an itinerant professor for several universities for the last fifteen years. For four years he served as Executive Director of Family Life Services, a Christian ministry. Elden retired from full time work in 2010. Since then, he and his wife, Karen, are enjoying a quiet life and fellowship with Christian friends and family.