Violence in Heaven

Violence in Heaven describes a broken man’s sudden encounter and continued dialogue with God that finds him transformed, tempered, and perfected in mind, strength, and spirit by the Master Craftsman. Through an extraordinary series of encounters, we see that the Master Craftsman is not just working with a man. Rather, in a distinctly tangible manner, He is explicitly teaching and calling each of us to take hold, pull in tightly, and fervently embrace God. Our King of Heaven is expressively offering guidance and preparation for new birth into His Kingdom and the fullest experience of His promise of Abundant Life.

In this story, the man called Aspot is so named because he has proven himself to be problematic and blemished. Yet for all practical purposes, Aspot is only a placeholder for all mankind, as God discusses life with you, the Reader. Perhaps you are the kind of person who can satisfy God as He and you work together…fruitfully…building Life.

ISBN: 978-1-951561-91-8  Paperback $15.99  AMAZON
ISBN: 978-1-951561-92-5  Ebook $9.99  AMAZON
RELIGION / Christian Living / Spiritual Growth

Vincent Brechtel is currently working the remote homestead farmland which, in his youth and now again, continues to help him see and hear our Creator. Within the interim, he spent three decades chasing a technical career where he found success but not the fulfilling peaceful sense of well-being that had begun softly, but ever louder calling him. Within this call, he was guided to seek brotherly fellowship (unity), oneness, across the wide spectrum of Christian church faiths, most fondly the Cowboy Churches, yet noting formal affiliation with the Orthodox Catholic faith that still has a head bishop residing at the First Chair of St. Peter, in Antioch (Syria).


“Your accounts, visions, and conversations with God are so personal and intimate. I love your careful attention to details and the constant theme of being open and perceptive to God in all things and in all places… You talk about apples in pondering holiness and I understand this… I greatly admire your joyful clinging to God through tragedy and heartbreak… I would like to share your [book] with my two children and my parents.”  —Stephen Greenlee, business man and major benefactor of an Orthodox Christian monastery

“[Violence in Heaven has] a humble, conciliatory and encouraging tone. I think the story effectively illustrates the point that we should be willing for the Holy Spirit to interrupt our plans when He calls us to help a fellow pilgrim, knowing that to do so has eternal ramifications for the person helped, for ourselves and ultimately for the kingdom of God.”  —Bill Renn, pastor, singer and songwriter