When you hear God and obey, He’ll do remarkable things!

Have you ever been on a plane that had an engine blow out and realize quickly that this might be it, that you might die? Have you ever had a gun aimed at your head or been asked by God to give all your money away? Have you ever heard the voice of God tell you to go places where you would be asked to do things that seemed crazy at the time?

God put John Langer in those very situations and in Yes, God Does Speak, John tells why he did these “crazy” things. Crazy or not, John’s stories will cause you to want a much deeper relationship with the God you love. But if you don’t currently know and love God, you’ll soon learn that He is waiting to know you and to speak to you.

God is alive and well and the words of this book will shake your view of God. It will open new possibilities to a better relationship with Him than you ever thought possible. You will realize you can hear God speak.

For those who have wondered if God still speaks today, the answer is yes He does. This book will help you enter into God’s presence at a place where He’s been waiting to speak to you.

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John’s passion is sharing Jesus with others. He has spoken in front of thousands and to just one. His desire for others to know God is infectious and has drawn those he fellowships with to want a deeper relationship with God. May this book do that for you and may God’s blessing be with you always.

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Is It Really Possible To Hear God Speak Today?

John Langer owns a grocery store and restaurant in a small South Dakota town. To look at him, you’d never guess he’s travelled to Thailand, Nepal, India, and many other places around the world. He’s done things others have said were crazy—giving away all of his money, fasting for 40 days in a row, and reading his Bible 17 times. Why would anyone do these things? John shares the reason in his new book Yes, God Does Speak. He also relates how God has used him to preach to thousands. He’s seen the lame walk, the deaf hear, and the blind see, in Jesus’ name.

What’s the power behind these experiences? John believes it’s God’s hand at work through an ordinary man—a praying man. In the early hours of the day, you’ll find John praying and reading his Bible. That’s when God speaks to him. John shares, “As I read my Bible each morning, I learn more and more about the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. The verses and the lessons I learn have been more valuable than any other words spoken to me, so why would God still speak to me?

“The reason is there is no place in the Bible that says, “John, go to India”; or “John, give all your money away.” There are verses that say to go to all the places on earth, and Jesus did tell a man to sell all he had and give it all away, but that was not specific to the path God has for us individually.”

Pastor Dick Nickel of Rapid City, SD sums up John’s motivation, “John Langer moves on a daily basis with a keen sense of living his life in the empowering presence of God. This has given him a full understanding…of why God created him as He has. Add to this his deep desire to be obedient to the call of the Lord in every detail of life, and you can see why John is being used effectively.”

John shares this hope for readers, “As you read these stories may they touch your heart and give you a better understanding of God that will help you walk closer to Him. May the stories you read inspire you to pursue God with all your heart.”

Yes, God Does Speak by John Langer, 208 pages, PB, $14.99. ISBN: 978-1-951561-36-9. Published by River Birch Press (2020). Distributed by Ingram and Amazon.com. River Birch Press publishes books with a Christian worldview. Its mission is to empower readers for fruitful living.